10 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Try Light Bondage and different sex positions.

If you want to spice up your sex routine a bit, experimenting with light BDSM is a good way to go. This combines light bondage, spanking and sensation play to increase sexual pleasure.

Before trying light bondage games, talk to your partner about your limits and expectations. This will keep you safe and allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest!

You should also agree on a safe word with your partner so they can end the scene if it becomes too uncomfortable or painful. This way you can have a fun, exciting experience without injury or pain.

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Having all of your favorite props and sex toys on hand will make light bondage play even more enjoyable for both of you. If your partner likes to use a vibrator to help him or her reach orgasm, you can keep it nearby so you can tease him or her with the vibration while you work together on your gentle bondage play.

Another easy way to play with light bondage and sex toys is to use blindfolds. You can buy a blindfold or make your own from a scarf or tie. This can be a good way to get into the game, especially if you aren’t comfortable with restraints or toys.

However, make sure you’re safe and check all the restraints regularly to avoid serious injuries. You can also keep a pair of scissors handy to easily remove any material that might come loose or get stuck in your partner’s erogenous zones.

Do anal play with sex toys.

Your butt is a sexy area that is often taboo, but it’s not as taboo as you might think. It can be a very satisfying experience in your sex life if you do it right, says sex and relationship coach Charlie Glickman.

Make sure your gluteal muscles and sphincter are relaxed before you begin. If these areas are tense, inserting something into your anus can be painful and difficult rather than pleasurable, Glickman explains.

Use lubricant
The anus doesn’t lubricate itself and must be moistened before penetration. Without lube, the delicate tissue in your anus can tear, which is painful and increases the risk of infection. Apply plenty of water-based lubricant to your anus and reapply as needed to experience pleasurable and healthy anal play.

Use condoms
A condom is the best way to prevent STDs and other infections during anal sex. You can also put a mouth guard on your anus or penis to prevent your partner from sucking on your rectum while you lubricate or stimulate the area.

Talk to your partner before you have anal sex
Before having anal intercourse, talk to your partner about the extent to which you’re ready for it and what type of stimulation is best for both of you. You can practice with a small butt plug, vibrator, or dildo to get a feel for what works.

Prepare for the anal sex session
Before you have anal sex, take a shower or bath and relax. This can help relax your muscles, says certified sex and relationship coach Charlie Glickman. It can also relieve stress, leading to a more pleasurable experience.

Play a sex-related game to have a healthy sex life.

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When it comes to dating, sex lives and relationships, sometimes you just have to make some room for fun. Whether it’s a quick fling or a lengthy role play, having some fun can help you relax and enjoy your partner – and maybe even come to orgasm!

Luckily, there are plenty of sexy games that will bring a new dimension to your bedroom. From the simplest games to sexy versions of classic board games, we have the right game for every couple!

Sex related card game
This simple, sex-related game is great if you want to spice up your date. Simply roll the dice and draw a card that indicates an intimate act you and your partner should do. The cards range from sweet and light to really sexy, so you’re sure to find something that fits your mood!

Talk, flirt, dare
This simple sex-themed game is another great way to spice up your evening with your partner. It’s based on the popular board game Connect Four, but with an added sexy twist: each player must use a different body part to get the ball into the other’s cup.

Sex Stack
This fun sex life-related game is more reminiscent of Jenga than it sounds, but it’s still a great way to make your sex routine a little more exciting. Basically, for each block there is an activity that requires you to perform a sexy action, such as tying up or licking.

The blocks are divided into “male” and “female” activities, which is a good way to challenge the other person’s imagination. It’s not the most erotic board game on this list, but it’s a great way to get your partner thinking about what he really wants in bed.

Confess Some Sexual Fantasies

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In a relationship, it’s important that you respect and support your partner’s sexual fantasies. But you should also listen to your own.

One way to do this is to make a list of your partner’s favorite sexual fantasies and then find ways to help them fulfill those desires.

For example, you could plan a threesome with your partner and her best friend. Or you could make a video of your partner having sex with another man while she masturbates.

Playing the dominant and sadist
For many men, the most arousing fantasies are those in which they force their partner to have sex. This is often referred to as bondage discipline, dominance submission, or sadism masochism.

According to Justin Lehmiller, psychologist and author of the book “Tell Me What You Want,” these fantasies can be used to teach your partner new things about themselves He told Insider that these types of fantasies can help people feel stronger in a relationship because they take the pressure off their sexual partners and allow them to experience their own feelings.

Do you have a wild fantasy you want to tell your partner about? If so, then we have something for you.

If your partner is open to it, this can be a great way to start a conversation about how to improve your relationship. However, be sure to talk to your partner before deciding on a fantasy that may be too uncomfortable or risky for him or her.

The best thing you can do is listen to your partner’s sexual fantasies and support them. But don’t shame him or make him feel like you’re judging his actions.

Try New Positions

If you’re bored of the same old sex positions, try new ones to spice up your love life. In a 1993 Stony Brook University study, it was found that couples who tried new and exciting things were more satisfied in their relationship than those who simply did the same thing they always did.

The easiest way to spice up your sex life is to try new sexual positions together. By switching up more sex positions, you can increase the depth of penetration and target different erogenous zones, leading to more pleasure and satisfaction.

The doggy position is an old-fashioned favourite that never gets boring, and this position is even better than before — thanks to the deep penetration and space for clitoral stimulation. But that’s not the only reason this position is so popular; it also makes for an easy, relaxing sex session.

sexual experimentation

Reverse cowgirl is a more difficult position that requires some communication and skill. This position is similar to the doggie position, but he helps you by supporting some of your weight and grabbing your hips or thighs while you move in a series of thrusts.

Dirty laundry is a great new twist on this traditional position. You can get really close to your partner as you both hug and kiss, feeling the passionate tenderness and intimacy.

You can try a new position every time you have sex, but make sure you and your partner are comfortable with it before you begin. It’s a great way to add fun and excitement to your sex experience, and you could have an evening you’ll remember for years to come.

Send dirty pictures

If you’re in the mood for something hot and steamy, you can spice things up by sending your partner dirty pictures. But before you do that, you should know how to send naughty photos without looking like a bad girl.

The first rule is to start simple and ask her for cute selfies and everyday pictures before jumping into sexy chats with naughty pictures. This way, she’ll have time to get comfortable with the idea and won’t feel so uncomfortable when you’re just getting to know each other.

Also, make sure you have her permission before sending nude pictures. Most relationships are based on some level of reciprocation in sexual communication, and it’s always best to know what’s expected before getting involved in sexual connection.

It’s also important to know whether or not your partner is in a healthy, trusting relationship. If he has been pressuring you or otherwise abusive, you shouldn’t put your feelings on the line to find out if he likes dirty pictures.

Also, pay attention to his reaction to your message. If he hasn’t responded to your naughty picture yet, he’s probably not in the mood for it. Maybe he’s stressed, tired, or just doesn’t have time to reply to sexy texts at the moment.

Try Sex in Public

kinky sex

Whether you want to spice up your sex life or are just looking for some new ideas, Try Sex in Public is one of the best ways to satisfy your wild and naughty side. It can be a great way to get in touch with your sexuality and get the thrill of a lifetime.

Having sex in public is all about the excitement and adventure you feel when you know someone might be watching. This very sexual activity can be a great way to spice up your sex life without having to worry about getting caught.

Public parks
A park is a fantastic place to spice up your sex life because you can hide from prying eyes there. However, it’s important to choose a park that isn’t too big so that you can be safe and not be seen.

Private bathrooms
A bathroom in a restaurant or bar is one of the most discreet public places to have sex. The owner knows you’re there, but cannot see you from the door.

Night parking lots
An abandoned parking lot is another good place to have sex in public. However, this isn’t the safest place to be, as night security checks and police often pose a threat to your privacy.

Walking trails
If you’re still not sure about having sex in public, take advantage of hiking trails near you. They tend to be more secluded and private than the open spaces of a park, but you may need to schedule your hike during a less active time of year to avoid being seen.


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